Two of the Best Melbourne Weekend Getaway Spots

There is so much opportunity to visit amazing places near Melbourne regardless of whether you’re visiting for a while like me or you’re simply a local wanting to explore. Whilst there me and the hubby did two iconic trips and I can recommend to anyone visiting that they’re certainly worthwhile!

The Great Ocean Road and Apollo Bay with the 12 Apostles are further from Melbourne than what most tourists realise! It’s conveniently a 4 hr to 5 hr drive so do not take a look at seeing both and returning the exact same day unless you wish to get stuck on a God dreadful trip bus for a whole day!

I ‘d advise leasing a car and then driving yourself there. AVIS has a depot at the Grand Hyatt in the centre of the city and you can easily and affordably lease a vehicle. You don’t even require an International license, just one written in English! I decided to obtain an International Drivers License due to the fact that I didn’t wish to gamble, which was extremely simple to obtain It took a day in processing and made my journey totally tension free (for me !!!) The hubby’s never ever worried when I’m at the helm … cos I’m the lister, the organizer, the planner, the incredibly OCD one! It works… for us at least!

So off we took … I drove (yes you can make all the jokes you desire about Lady motorists! However, I drive well … and I had the license! So that’s that sorted!) With a GPS System that was far too talkative for our taste and was continually “re-calibrating” in an extremely frustrating nasal drawl; we departed from Melbourne after grabbing some meals to go in Hawthorn from a cute little cafe! (I get hungry when travelling okay? Okay!)

restuarant, holiday, accommodation, travel The minute you leave the city edges, you see the differences. Roadways and highways now begin moving past undulating hills, little municipalities and charming coffee bars. Structures are scarce. There are more homes and houses … more gardens and bikes! And after that you take the turn on to the Great Ocean Roadway and everything stops! A broad roadway on a cliff edge in front of a breathtaking ocean is all that exists for miles and miles. Vehicles drive, stop and park on the left hand side to take photos of the unbelievable 180 degree view and each time you believe you have the best photo, you’ll discover one that’s simply a bit much better a couple of minutes ahead!

My recommendations is to go along and stop en route … a cuppa coffee, a seat on a cliff edge … or simply a run in the sand … that’s exactly what Down Under is all about … which’s exactly what a vacay needs to be everything about too … Unwind, relax and breathe!!!

We picked up coffee at about 5:30 p.m at Lorne (we just left Melbourne just after lunch). The coffeehouse was nondescript. I was tired. The coffee was outstanding!

Charged it took us another hour approximately to reach our location. We were picking up the night at Chris’s Beacon Point Dining establishment and Villas. This is not an extremely glamorous location to remain however it has a lovely view and the airbnb cleaners do a great job. We were hardly remaining there for a couple of hours, so we consumed a comfortably-sized well made supper and went to our vacation home to sleep. The vacation home had terrific views of the bay however was strictly okay and nothing more. Sure, if you have a family and wish to utilize a kitchen space and washing machine and wish to make your very own food; this might be an excellent alternative however it was ice-cold with cooler floorings and little spaces and I was glad I was here for simply a night. Driving for so long, I fell under a dead sleep.

We packed our cars and dashed to the helicopter point where we had actually scheduled a helicopter trip to see the 12 Apostles!

Now this was lovely! I got some extraordinary pictures and we likewise discovered something really intriguing. There were just 9 rocks that jutted out from the sea however as 9 Apostles would not draw in that much attention it was chosen that this would be called 12 Apostles. One rock nevertheless had now fallen, and there were just 8. The spectacular view of the sea front and of these stunning rock structures in the early morning made the long journey worth it!

Then it was back to the home of home of Melbourne after stopping back at the lunch café in Hawthorn from the day previous (We couldn’t resist a second visit)

Yarra Valley is just about an hour far from the cityyarra valley, winery, tour, accommodation, restuarant and it was much easier to visit and considerably less tiring! We left after breakfast to the Domain and Chandon Vineyards where we were enjoyed a magnificent trip throughout the winery. This trip is totally free and you simply have to register at the reception when you arrive. To do unique tasting and wine and cheese pairings you do pay a bit additional however if you’re a wine fan (like my terrific other half is) then an expert will take you through the history of each wine, the idea behind it’s development and fill you with enjoyable facts and intriguing stories of how the wine happened and more significantly how it is being valued!

Yarra Valley has numerous vineyards … so you can stop at one and move thru all. They’re all hardly 5 minutes away by automobile!

After the vineyards you might get lunch at one of the numerous restaurants in the yarra valley, each has its own personal touch and something that make its memorable

And given that you remain in Yarra you need to taste the cheese! A coffee and a plate of cheese at the Yarra Valley Dairy is a best method to sober up, end the afternoon and head back into town! If you want to get the full experience it may be worthwhile staying an extra day and experiencing the amazing accommodation the yarra valley has to offer with most places offering amazing views and immaculate airbnb property management, ambient atmospheres and generous views.

These are both journeys I suggest you do yourself so you can individualize it to your taste and do not have to do the plain, easy, standardized lunches that tour guides generally thrust on you! You can stop along the way- taste the cheeses, take pleasure in ocean breeze, take your very own photos, select the best wine and simply relax or go as quickly as you have to!

Do these day journeys at your rate … via your method! And along the way try my favourites, I believe you’ll like them too!

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